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Kuldar Leement


Paper craft, Yulia Brodskaya


Mad C | Reflections

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Lui Ferreyra


‘Ghosts of Death Valley’, Stunning Time-Lapse Video of the Night Sky Above the Nevada Desert


PHOTOGRAPHY: Identities by Can Dagarslani

Identities is a beautiful series of images by Turkish photographer Can Dagarslani. After graduating from Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts in 1996, Dagarslani became increasingly interested in photography.

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House of Writing Blank Studio

"blank studio was invited to participate in this competition to design of a small residence or cabin to promote and encourage literary creativity. The residence is  suspended high above the ground by cables from an existing, open-weave concrete canopy to afford views to the Alps, the lake, and the surrounding countryside of western Switzerland. The dwelling would be for short-term stays, anywhere from one month to one year, giving the writer full access to the large adjacent library, auditorium, exhibition areas, and communal dining. 

The proposal is a lean, glassy structure that is divided into three levels. The lowest level is for entry, food preparation and dining, and for entertaining guests. The center of the building is an open, thoughtful space, bordered by stairs that access the sleeping area on the next level, and ascend to the uppermost level where the writer’s loft is located, affording prominent, elevated views of the countryside. Internally, the residence is lined with bleached birch wood on the walls and ceilings, and black-stained oak for the floors and stairs. To respond to the existing buildings use of white concrete, we propose wrapping the building in a satin-etched, translucent glass and satin-finished, stainless steel to softly collect and disperse the available daylight.”

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Art meets ARTchitecture In The Concete Penthouse Of Christian And Karen Boros | Photography: Ailine Liefeld

The Bunker
This historically significant Second World War building was originally constructed for the German railway company by reinforced concrete, and was used as a shelter to protect travelers who arrived at the Friedrichstrasse Railway station from air raid attacks. Architect Karl Bonatz was commissioned by Nazi Germany the architectural design of The Bunker; the building had a capacity which could shelter up to 3,000 passengers in five floors. Of the original unique characteristics of this historical building were the up to two meter thick walls, as well as the three meter thick concrete roof. The original interior spatial layout has an axially symmetrical layout; while the exterior façade on all four sides is identical – made of raw concrete and accentuated by fine details.

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Loft Apartment by Oskar Firek

Conceptual interior project. Loft 115m2.
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Matthias Heiderich, Northbound

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